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In his most recent video, Charles brilliantly delivers a thorough explanation of Asset Inflation and it’s devastating impact on the economy.

Charles Biderman

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What is inflation and what is asset inflation?

By Charles Biderman

Inflation and Asset Inflation are two different results. Charles brilliant defines the difference and delivers a clear understanding of how Asset Inflation is created.

Wealth Inequality & money printing

By Charles Biderman

In this video Charles describes how creating more government debt, on top of more debt - through money printing - funnels down into a gaping disparity between wealthy and middle-class households.

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Fake News

by Charles Biderman,
published in THE MARKET, 29.10.2019

Why is anyone surprised America has a «Fake News» President? After all, we already have a global fake economy and a fake stock market.

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Don’t Fight The Virus

by Charles Biderman,
published in THE MARKET, 31.08.2020
What that means today is that the Federal Reserve, the US central bank, can increase or decrease the amount of money available to buy financial assets and increase or decrease the cost of money via changing interest rates. More money at lower interest rates creates higher stock prices. Less or even the same amount of money plus higher interest rates creates lower stock prices.

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Wall Street Is Looking for Inflation in All the Wrong Places

by Charles Biderman,
published in THE MARKET, 07.09.2020
The Wall Street Journal’s Heard on the Street column recently opined: «Milton Friedman’s famous dictum that ‹inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon› is hard to square with the Fed increasing the monetary base by 460% since 2008 with little discernible effect

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